Membership at the Granite

Membership at the Granite

Our Vision

To be the premier family, athletic, recreation and social club in North America

Our Mission

To provide Members with experiences that exceed expectations

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The Granite Club brings people together. Generation after generation, the Granite remains a place where families and friends can enrich their lives, spend valuable time together and share memorable moments that could only ever transpire within these walls. With its warm, social atmosphere, the Granite continues to fulfill its founders' vision by playing an important role in the traditions, celebrations and everyday lives of its Members.

The Granite philosophy of uncompromising quality is showcased in its state-of-the-art athletic facilities, world-class events and programs for all ages, delectable dining experiences and personalized services, each tailored to suit the varied needs and desires of its diverse and sophisticated Membership.

For membership inquiries, information packages and tours of the Club, please contact Membership Director Susanne Willans at 416-510-6735 or  [email protected].


The prestige of the Granite Club can be traced back to 1875, when a half-dozen gentlemen organized an ‘uptown' curling facility at Chapel Street and St. Mary's Street, offering a small Clubhouse, a covered outdoor two-sheet curling rink and a skating rink. Despite the ruggedness of the facility, the Club's charter Members reveled in the camaraderie of the sport. During these first years, several prominent Canadians became Members. 

The Club quickly expanded and moved twice to progressively larger Clubhouses - first on Church Street and then on St. Clair Avenue near Yonge Street - each with facilities considered the finest in the country. Now in its fourth home bordering the beautiful Don Valley on Bayview Avenue, the Club is host to many additional - and ever-evolving - sport and recreation facilities, and offers hundreds of programs and events for its many Members, staying true to its roots in striking a fine balance between excellence in athletics and an emphasis on camaraderie.