Guest Information

Guest Information

Helpful Information

  • Each visitor to the Club must be the invited Guest of a Member and must remain in the company of their Member host at all times.
  • Guests must sign in at Front Reception or the Parking Gatehouse upon arrival; the Member host is asked to advise the Gatehouse in advance.
  • Electronic and cellular devices may be used on Club property provided they are on ‘silent’ mode and not used for voice communication. Voice communication is prohibited except for discreet use in designated Voice Communication Areas. House phones are available throughout the Club for voice communication.
  • A dress code applies to Members and their Guests; please see below.
  • Members are prohibited from allowing anyone to sign on their behalf or provide their account information for any access to or use of any Club facilities, services or privileges.
  • Tipping is not permitted within the Club.
  • Photographs or videos may not be taken on Club property without the express written consent of Club Management.
  • Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is only permitted in the designated outside area.
  • Please note the use of video surveillance throughout the premises; privacy policies are available at this link

Dress Code Summary

Dress is expected to be neat and appropriate for both the activity pursued and area(s) entered. Please inquire with your Member host as to the dress code requirements for the specific event or area you are attending.

Smart denim is accepted in all areas of the Club with the exception of the Grand Ballroom and Regency Ballroom unless otherwise specified. Smart denim is defined as denim that is not ripped, frayed or distressed. Clothing, including denim, that is ripped, frayed or distressed, is not permitted in the Club.

Footwear must be worn at all times unless participating in an athletic activity requiring bare feet.

Hats are permitted for special events, official, ceremonial, religious or medical purposes. Hats are otherwise only permitted to be worn within each immediate Athletics section, and must be removed prior to entering the common areas of the Clubhouse.

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