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Guest Information


  • Visitors to the Granite Club must be invited Guests of a Member.
  • Members and Guests are asked to ensure all personal communication devices (PCDs) are turned off or switched to 'silent' or 'vibrate' mode and audible cellular notifications must never be heard. Cellular devices may be used throughout the Club for emailing, texting and retrieving voicemails but not for voice communication. Cellular devices may be used discreetly to engage in voice communication only while in the immediate vicinity of a house phone. The use of laptops, tablets, e-readers and handheld games is permitted provided they are on 'silent' mode. Staff may request cessation of use deemed to be inappropriate at any time.
  • A dress code applies to Members and their Guests. Please see below for details.
  • Spouses and Guests who are non-Members may not, under any circumstance, sign a Member’s number unless the Membership Department issues a special Guest pass.

Dress Code


Dress is expected to be neat and appropriate for both the activity pursued and area(s) entered. Club Management shall have the final determination regarding dress code for all areas of the Club and any dress code exceptions require the approval of Club Management.

Smart denim is accepted in all areas of the Club with the exception of the Grand Ballroom and Regency Ballroom unless otherwise specified. Smart denim is defined as denim that is not ripped, frayed or distressed. Denim that is ripped, frayed or distressed is not permitted in the Club.

Footwear must be worn at all times unless participating in an Athletic activity requiring bare feet.

  1. Business Formal: For men, business suit, collared shirt and tie or jacket with dress trousers and dress shoes, no denim; equivalent standard for women.
  2. Business Casual: For men, jacket, collared shirt, dress trousers and dress shoes, no denim; equivalent standard for women.
  3. Smart Casual: For men, collared and sleeved shirts or sweaters, trousers or tailored knee-length shorts, smart denim; equivalent standard for women. Athletic or beach footwear is not permitted and men are not permitted to wear sandals. Leggings may be acceptable as Smart Casual if worn with a tunic-length top or skirt
  4. Casual/Athletic: Clean and dry athletic wear. No beachwear or bare feet. Cut-offs, ripped clothing, tank tops, offensive T-shirts and the like are not acceptable attire. Casual clothing is expected to be neat and attractive and athletic wear appropriate to the section guidelines. If you are a Guest attending an Athletics area, please follow section-specific dress codes as per the House Rules; ask your Member host for details.


Hats are not permitted in formal areas and formal hallways or any of the indoor dining venues, with the exception of the second-floor Intersections snack shop, unless for special events, official, ceremonial, religious or medical purposes. Hats may be worn in accordance with athletic section dress codes, en route to athletic areas, locker rooms and in outdoor dining areas.

Minimum Dress Standard for the following areas:

  • Grand Ballroom, Regency Ballroom: Business Casual or as specified
  • Heritage Lounge, Trillium Room Gallery, Granite Dining Room, Private Dining Rooms: Smart Casual
  • Kitchen Gallery, Bistro, Granite Bar, Terrace, Intersections, Presidents’ Lounge, The 1875, Third-floor Sports Bar & Café: Casual/Athletic